Fleetware is a a small software tool that I put together whilst whilst for a mobile phone rental company.

The opportunity I saw was to provide my client’s customers with the opportunity not only to rent a mobile phone, but to have that phone pre loaded with any list of contacts that they desire. Frequently this was the list of other phones that the customer’s organisation had rented from my employer.

The tool was written in Visual Basic and works with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Here was the synopsis I wrote at the time:

‘The XL2Nokia program reads information straight from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and inserts it directly into the phonebook or sim card of a Nokia Phone. The Program interfaces at spreadsheet end using ADO, making am ADODB connection using Microsoft’s Jet drivers. At the phone end, it interfaces with Nokia’s Connection manager distributed as part of the Nokia SDK 3.0 kit. Development is ongoing.’

If you ever have a use for this… contact me.

Download here: